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How Does the 1Site Work?
Our Web3 website builder converts your text and image elements into a simple one-page website ready to be hosted on the decentralized web.
You can use our hosting integration or download the website's HTML file to upload it to InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) through another method. However, 1Site provides a comprehensive solution to get your Web3 website live within minutes.
How Do I Get Started?
Write your website's title and include a logo from the options provided in the 1Site header section. The Website Settings tab supports the integration of a fixed background image or color.
Next, use the Layout and Height features on the builder to add new sections to your website. Click Add Section to add a selected layout or height to your website. You can use images, texts, and links and customize each section to your preference.
The Preview button allows you to view progress and includes an option to continue editing site features. Once satisfied with your website design, you can use the Checkout button to exit the development phase.
What is the service charge for the Web3 domain builder?
It costs only $49 USDC to create your Web3 website using our plug-and-play builder tool. The fee is required at checkout and only after you're satisfied with your website's design. Hold the USDC amount in your Polygon wallet to ensure a seamless checkout experience.
How can I Link my website to my Web3 domain?
Upon clicking Checkout choose the option to host your website instantly. Connect your wallet (if not previously connected), and select your preferred hosting plan/period. Click Pay with Wallet and enter the Web3 domain name to attach to the website. Complete the checkout process, and your new website will instantly go live on your specified domain!
Immediately access the website using Brave Browser, Opera, or any other Web3-compatible browser. Freename Extension is required to browse Freename domains.
I don't have a Web3 domain. What do I do?
You can mint a new Web3 domain (via our partners at Freename) or browse through the Web3 Onboarding Web3 domain marketplace to find your perfect domain.