6 Things to Consider When Choosing an NFT Domain for You

Posted on 2023-09-08 · 7 min read


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are unique and not directly interchangeable. NFT domains are a type of NFT used to create a unique identity for a website or a decentralized application. Unlike traditional domain names, NFT domains are not registered with a central authority but are stored as blockchain tokens.

NFT or crypto domains are similar to regular domain names used to create websites, yet they work on decentralized networks like Web 3.0. This implies that they lack a centralized proprietorship and generally don't require any renewal fee as is necessary for traditional domains.

In this guide, however, we deep dive into the world of NFT domains and how to choose the best one. 

How to Choose the Best NFT Domain Names

The most valuable Web3 domain names are short, easy to remember, and contain keywords that make them desirable for collectors. Combining the right elements listed below can help you make the best choice for your next NFT domain.

Brand Name

The best Web3 domain name should basically identify you as an individual or your business as a brand. Hence, it could be something as simple as your first name, last name, or a combination of both, as either may be unavailable. 

You may also use your nickname or pseudonym on social media to preserve privacy. Some of the world's biggest brands, including Nike, Visa, and Budweiser, also own Web3 domain names for their businesses.

Character Count

Character count is an important factor to consider when creating an NFT domain. NFT domains are limited to 32 characters, so it is important to use them wisely and ensure that the characters you use are meaningful and convey the message you wish to communicate. 

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the characters are easy to remember, as the domain will serve as the address for your NFT.

Word Count

Word count is an important consideration when creating an NFT domain. It is important to ensure that the domain name is not too long and accurately represents the domain's content. A good rule of thumb is to keep the domain name under 15 characters, making it easier to remember and type. 

Additionally, consider avoiding words that could be misspelled or confused with other words, as this could cause confusion. Lastly, consider the impact of additional words on search engine optimization, as longer domain names may negatively affect search engine ranking.

Use of Singular vs. Plural Words

When creating an NFT domain, it is important to consider using singular versus plural words. Singular words are typically used to refer to a single item, while plural words are used to refer to multiple items. 

For example, when referring to a single NFT, “token” should be used instead of “tokens.” Similarly, when referring to multiple NFTs, “tokens” should be used instead of “token.” Using the correct singular or plural word can help ensure your domain name is accurate and clear.

Word and Character Type

It is important to consider the type of words that will be used in the domain name and the type of characters that will be used. This will help ensure the domain name is easily remembered and attractive to potential users. 

Ensuring the domain name does not conflict with existing trademarks or copyrights is also important. Lastly, the length of the domain name should be kept short and simple to make it easier to remember.


The extension is an important part of the NFT domain creation process. It is important to consider the extension type most suitable for the domain. The extension can be a .crypto, .disrupt, .youtuber, .eth, or other types of domain extension. 

A good extension can help to differentiate and brand the domain, making it easier to remember. For example, the .YouTuber domain name specifically identifies top YouTubers and helps them connect with their Web3 audiences 

Additionally, the extension can affect the domain's visibility in search engines. By selecting the right extension, users can ensure their domain is visible and easily found.


NFT domain creation, or minting, is important for anyone interested in the industry. It can help to differentiate and brand a domain, making it easier to remember. By taking the time to consider the type of extension most suitable for the domain, users can ensure that their domain is visible and easy to find.

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