Posted on 2023-10-06

How to Use QuickBuild (Guide for Beginners)

The world of Web3 is fascinating, with builders and users pushing the boundaries of this cutting-edge technology. Web3 Onboarding developed QuickBuild in partnership with Freename to drive the Web3 mission by encouraging users to build websites on their domain names. As Web3 pioneers, we believe that websites make domain names more valuable, and one of the best ways to incentivize adoption is to provide a plug-and-play Web3 site builder. In this guide, we take you by the hand and show you how to build your first Web3 website using QuickBuild. Ready? Let’s go.

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Posted on 2023-09-29

The Role of Web3 Domain Resellers in the Decentralized Web

With the rise of blockchain technology, the world is seeing a change in how the internet is built and used. For instance, instead of Web2 domains, Web3 domain names are growing in prominence as the ultimate solution for people to build censorship-resistant websites. As Web3 becomes more popular, a greater need for domain names built on decentralized infrastructure will be needed. Web3 domain resellers will play a vital role in that feature by providing new tools and solutions for users to sell domain names in a peer-to-peer marketplace.

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Posted on 2023-09-22

The Benefits of Using a Web3 Onramp to Access Digital Assets

One of the first challenges newcomers face in the Web3 space is how to convert fiat to cryptocurrency. Although several cryptocurrency exchanges exist, users face the challenge of having to purchase digital assets first on the platform and then withdraw them to a Web3 wallet. What if there was a way to bypass the lengthy process and simply fund your Web3 wallet directly from your bank account or credit card? That is essentially what a Web3 onramp for digital assets means.

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Posted on 2023-09-22

What’s the Buzz Around Web3 Domain Names?

Among enthusiasts, Web3 domain names seem to be the best thing since sliced bread. The general belief is that alongside the Web3 ecosystem, these blockchain-based names are reshaping the Internet as we know it. However, the hype around Web3 domain names may not really make sense to outsiders. To some, it is difficult to fathom why people would spend over 83,138 ETH (appr. $168 million) and counting to buy and sell virtual blockchain addresses. Yet, such high interest for a single Web3 domain collection — Ethereum Name Service — suggests there is a lot more to these new-age digital assets.

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Posted on 2023-09-15

Revolutionize Your Online Presence with a Web3 Website Builder Service

Revolutionize your online presence with Web3 website builder services. Say goodbye to traditional website builders and hello to the future of the decentralized web. Empower yourself with the ability to create, host, and manage Web3-powered websites, integrate decentralized apps, securely store and manage user data, and take control of your online presence like never before.

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Posted on 2023-09-08

6 Things to Consider When Choosing an NFT Domain for You

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that are unique and not directly interchangeable. NFT domains are a type of NFT used to create a unique identity for a website or a decentralized application. Unlike traditional domain names, NFT domains are not registered with a central authority but are stored as blockchain tokens. NFT or crypto domains are similar to regular domain names used to create websites, yet they work on decentralized networks like Web 3.0. This implies that they lack a centralized proprietorship and generally don't require any renewal fee as is necessary for traditional domains.

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Posted on 2023-09-01

Everything You Need to Know About Web3 Blockchain Domain Names

Blockchain domain names are a relatively new technology just beginning to be explored. Similar to when the internet was first introduced, there is a race among brands to take advantage of this new technology and register blockchain domains. While some companies are eager to get in on the action, others are taking their time to evaluate the space. This is comparable to when companies competed to register .com domains a few years ago.

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Posted on 2023-08-25

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Need a Web3 Domain

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with the concept of a Web3 domain. For those who aren’t, a Web3 domain is simply an address that uses the new Web3 standard, which allows decentralized applications (dApps) to be built on top of it.

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Posted on 2023-08-18

What is a Web3 Domain Name?

Domain names date almost as far back as the internet. They provide a unique identifier for personal or organizational websites, making these properties easier for internet users to access. We are at the dawn of a new Internet era — Web3. In this new era, domain names are a lot more powerful. They are secure, immutable, and have the potential to drive global cryptocurrency adoption. This Web3 domain name guide breaks down the concept and makes it easier for readers to decide whether or not it is worth buying a Web3 domain. Let’s dive right in.

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Posted on 2023-08-11

Introducing The World’s First Marketplace For Web3 Domains

The digital assets space is ripe for disruption. The invention of decentralized blockchain networks to underpin the creation of unique and independently verifiable assets has led to several innovations, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn gaming, Web3 domain names, and many more that we’re yet to discover.




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