Introducing The World’s First Marketplace For Web3 Domains

Posted on 2023-08-11 · 4 min read


The digital assets space is ripe for disruption. The invention of decentralized blockchain networks to underpin the creation of unique and independently verifiable assets has led to several innovations, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn gaming, Web3 domain names, and many more that we’re yet to discover.

However, industry data suggests that Web3 domain names are still significantly underutilized and could drive the next wave of crypto adoption. While there are over 300 million cryptocurrency users, roughly 2.5 million Web3 domain names exist despite the immense benefits that these assets bring to the table.


Beyond making crypto transactions more user-friendly, Web3 domain names will host the next generation of multi-billion dollar businesses. With several corporations, including Meta, Twitter, Nike, Budweiser, and Walmart, all making their Web3 debut recently, demand for premium Web3 domains will only accelerate soon.

Web3 Onboarding is here to make the Web3 dream a reality

Web3 Onboarding is positioning itself to accelerate the adoption of Web3 domains. Web3 Onboarding will initially offer a dedicated marketplace for investors to mint, trade, lease, and develop Web3 domain names. As the market leader, the W3O marketplace will provide sophisticated tools for vendors and buyers to harness the full potential of Web3 domains.

Web3 Onboarding has partnered with leading Web3 domain service provider Unstoppable Domains to enable exclusive deals. Users minting Web3 domains on the W3O platform receive a discount on purchases and also have the option to develop their Web3 domain through Web3 Onboarding Web3 domain builder service.

On the W3O marketplace, vendors can list their Web3 domain inventory on a neatly organized platform. Web3 Onboarding will offer tools to promote listed assets and easily manage communication with potential buyers. Buyers can also easily purchase or lease Web3 domains with the prospect of selling for lucrative profits as demand grows.

Web3 Onboarding will rapidly expand its offerings to include support for NFT trading and other digital assets. Web3 Onboarding also plans to launch a trading platform for tokenized versions of real-world assets from insurance, real estate, entertainment, and other industries.

The Web3 domains and digital assets market is set to explode in the coming years. Web3 domains have immense potential to drive cryptocurrency adoption and birth the next crop of multi-billion businesses in the Web3 industry. Web3 Onboarding will play a key role by building a suite of solutions for users to make the most out of the opportunities embedded in Web3 assets.