4. Get 1Site

At its essence, Websites are what the internet is made of.

Simply put,
“No Websites, No Internet” More
Web3sites, More Web3”

Unlike traditional websites that rely on centralized servers, databases, and authorities, Web3 sites function on a decentralized network, primarily supported by blockchain technology.

General Information

What is 1Site?

1Site is a platform that allows users to easily create and host decentralized websites on the Web3 ecosystem. 1Site can integrate with Web3 domain systems, allowing users to associate their Web3 domains with the websites they create. This simplifies website addressing and access within the Web3 ecosystem. 1Site uses IPFS decentralized hosting solutions . This means that the website's content is distributed across a network of nodes,This makes it very hard to shut down or control

Why do I Need a 1Site?

1Site plays a vital role in the Web3 ecosystem by providing an accessible platform for creating and hosting decentralized websites. Its affiliate program incentivizes user participation and growth, which, in turn, contributes to the expansion and adoption of Web3 technologies and the decentralized internet. Get Paid to Grow Web3!